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DOHC ECU Services

Please note that as of Sept 10. 2010 I'm no longer accepting new ECU repair or socketing work. Existing customers with warranty issues should contact me via email before sending their ECUs.

ECU part number cross reference

Capacitor Replacement
Using 105c Panasonic NHG Electrolytic Capacitors.

This is a generic problem with all of the ECUs and TCUs up until the OBD II or hybrid ECUs. The factory capacitors leak electrolyte out of the seal where the wire leads pass into the capacitor. The electrolyte travels by gravity and capillary action disolving any metals it comes in contact with like the copper of the circuit traces and the lead and tin in solder. Eventually this will cause the ECU to stop functioning and your car won't start.

You want to replace the capacitors before they leak or you will require the repairs listed below.

EPROM Socketing of EPROM ECUs
Using a high quality low profile machine pin socket (compatible with DSMlink).

Compare the EPROM with the non-EPROM ECU.
Only EPROM ECUs can be socketed. Non-EPROM ECUs have to be converted.

ZIF EPROM Socketing
Using a low profile ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket.

This option is for people burning their own EPROMs and changing chips often. Works with DSMLink V3. Not suitable for the 1G DSMLink V2.

ECU Repairs for DOHC ECUs

Examples of what happens after the capacitors start to leak. All of these ECUs were repaired, these are the "before" images.
Capacitor leakage damage to a '90 FWD MT EPROM ECU
Capacitor leakage damage to a '90 AWD MT EPROM ECU
Capacitor leakage damage to a '91 AWD AT ECU
Capacitor leakage damage to a '91 NT AT ECU
Capacitor leakage damage to a '93 AWD MT EPROM ECU

$85.00/hr + parts

($150 Max for 4G63,
$250 Max for 6G72)
OBD 1 (1G) Code buzzer
Simple and effective way to output any diagnostic error codes if you don't have a OBD 1 datalogger.
ECUs For Sale


1G 91-94 Socketed EPROM ECUs
Curently out of stock.


2G 95 Socketed EPROM ECUs
Curently out of stock.

I accept PayPal, USPS Money Orders, or Cash but no personal checks or COD.

Return shipping and insurance is not included in price. I ship USPS Priority Mail insured unless you request otherwise.

When sending your ECU in don't forget to include your name, address, phone, and email along with what you want done and any symptoms with the ECU. Failing to do so will cause delays while I wait for you to contact me.